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FinTech and the Digital Disruption of Financial Services

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Why you should invest some time to read this paper

 'FinTech and the Digital Disruption of Financial Services' is not an academic paper that uses language and concepts that are so foreign to our daily lives that we don’t understand what is being discussed. It has been written to engage us “normal” people. We specifically had people with no financial background or industry exposure proof-read the document and we edited, or cut out, the parts that they didn’t understand or found irrelevant. 

Similarly, it is not written with banks and other technical finance players as the exclusive audience. In our research we found that most of the content being produced about Fintech is being directed to these sectors and is not particularly relevant to those not bedded down in the industry. Our paper will add value to people aware of Fintech activity, but it is attuned to the perspectives of most of us who just want to understand what the future of our money is in the digital age.

Yes, you will get a better understanding of Blockchain, Robo-advisors, peer-to-peer lending, and other fintech areas but the real value of of downloading and reading this white paper is in the understanding you will gain of how and why these developments are happening. Fintech is the vanguard of a revolution that is going to change the one thing that everyone in the world needs to survive and function - MONEY.

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